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Getting A Power Of AttorneyMany attorneys will allow you to get a power of attorney for your closing. This could be your spouse, relative, friend or another attorney. In the case of a husband and wife, this is helpful so that one person can be with the movers.

The power of attorney will only be applicable to the closing.

Another option is to do a mail-away package so that you don't have to attend closing, but many attorneys have eliminated this from their services due to fraud.

Here is what one law firm says about getting a power of attorney:

Sometimes it's hard to get all buyers, all sellers, the agents and the lender together at one time for a closing. Unforeseen emergencies can interrupt even the best-laid plans. In the event you cannot attend your closing you must execute a Power of Attorney. This is a written document authorizing another person to act as your agent and sign on your behalf.

If you anticipate your absence at the closing, call our law firm immediately. If you are a borrower, we must call your lender and be sure they will accept a valid Power of Attorney on their loan documents. We can prepare a Power of Attorney on behalf of the lender for you to review. Although forms available on the web or at Office Depot are convenient and, sometimes, free, they will most likely not comply with the Georgia real estate Power of Attorney requirements. A Power of Attorney to transfer real property must be specific to the property, referring to the property particularly. Furthermore, the Power of Attorney must be witnessed and notarized. Of course, the witness cannot also notarize the document, and neither can be a party to the transaction or the nominated agent.

Once the document is fully executed you should fax a copy to us. But, we must have the original at the closing. Without the original, the closing cannot go forward. A copy of your photo ID must also accompany the Power of Attorney.
Finally, be sure that you can be reached by phone during the closing in the event material issues arise that require your attention.

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